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I'll Abrasion it Proudly - Elvis Costello (this is Radiohead accoutrement it, as the aboriginal isn't on YouTube. Thom buggers up the lyrics).

I Appetite You - Fiona Angel accoutrement Elvis Costello.

Still Alive - Jonathan Coulton

Untouchable Face - Ani DiFranco

Both Hands - AniDiFranco. Aboriginal adaptation is better.

How Can I acquaint You? - Cat Stevens

Landed - Ben Folds

Such Abundant Heights - The Postal Service

Tear in Your Hand - Tori Amos

Thinking About You - Radiohead

Marlene on the Wall - Suzanne Vega.

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...And abnormally for Hecate because I apperceive how abundant she brand them


Rammstein - Rosenrot

and Sonne :D

You're a adulation :hihi: .


Nick Lowe is a top bloke.

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