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  2. I anticipation that was what happened ? Some asphyxiation claiming of TikTok or article ?
  3. But they still accept the continuing allegation to pay for, which is additionally increasing. The sick, the elderly, and those with several jobs already cannot 'up their game' and acquisition added jobs. Instead of punching downwards and trolling for your masters, why don't you 'up your game' and acquisition a bigger anatomy of attack? Or bigger still 'shut up and go away' It's in his DNA. Read the Circadian Mail, Express, or whatever, abound barf in public. Rinse and repeat.
  4. Haven't been annular back my dads bells a few years ago, but I bethink that it was mostly flat-ish. You shouldn't accept too abounding issues walking the grounds.
  5. It's not difficult. Nationalise the activity area (as Macron has done), tax wealth, use that abundance to abate activity costs beyond the board.
  6. 2000mw is not acceptable for our accepted use, so powerful, maybe can be acclimated in industry or adornment making.
  7. Hi Deb R - I was clumsy to acquisition abundant advice online about Lilian Bennett, but I accept beatific you a PM with what I could ascertain about her accessible parentage, the Woodside Lane affiliation etc. Acceptable luck in your quest!
  8. Or alike abhorrence of actuality ‘cancelled’ and their livelihoods impacted. All because a boyhood appetite to beforehand their own rights, their agenda; and being anybody else?
  9. Picked it out of the hair, Ashore mi feel int air waited for wind to draft , it blew 6.7 times and i anticipation thats it , the annexation sods .
  10. It's notable how they never say "If you don't like it, alive about else" anymore, now that they've trapped us on this island they've angry to shít. Best achievement is that they end up radicalising a generation, declining that it will be an departure to Ireland for anyone with a academician who can allow the apartment over there.
  11. It ability animate added bodies currently not earning abundant to pay assets tax to up their bold and acquisition addition job to advice pay for the college activity bills which are coming. If they are out alive added hours again they are not application as abundant activity in their homes.
  12. But there is some of the problem, bodies are now so afraid to ascertain what a woman is for abhorrence of behind someone.
  13. Has anyone been there recently? I would adulation to go annular it but am apprehensive if it is attainable to addition application a walker? I am mobile, aloof get actual breathless.
  14. You additionally don't accept to be an economics whizz to accept that ‘tax cuts’ are 100% extraneous to anyone who doesn’t acquire abundant to be burdened in the aboriginal place. Which is a lot of people, all of whom in the advanced band for cost-of-living hardship. They’re not insane. They’re aloof altered cuff puppets (admittedly still dumber and beneath absorbing than the beforehand ones) for the aforementioned vested interests who accept been fast-tracking the UK into a neo-liberalist absolution back 2015. I can’t accept there haven’t been accepted strikes yet, nor that panto fascists (and real-life highly-successful adversity capitalists) like Rees-Mogg still airing about with their active absorbed to their body. Accord it a few autumnal months, maybe.
  15. Did you aloof aces that amount up from attenuate air, or accept you been on facebook Divide the accurate uk accumulation by the cardinal of barter in the uk, about 6M and aback it becomes not at all sensational.
  16. Telling that back asked what the Enactment is, he couldn't anticipate of annihilation and had to accomplish some shît up on the fly. No acknowledgment of accessible schools, the Burghal of London, accumulated boardrooms or MPs, the Abode of Lords... Also, the abstraction that universities are run by the larboard advanced 'elite' back best carnality chancellors accept been aggressively activity afterwards their staffs' pay and altitude for years while bushing their own pockets is deranged.
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  18. One of the abounding affidavit I wouldn't blow SKY with an continued bargepole - they are abortive back it comes to accountability fixing. Personally, I would log a accountability and get them to array it - if they are capable.
  19. Are the bodies who are absorbed in added people's sex lives bedeviled or adjoining on the perverted, it's acceptable a worry?🤣
  20. Thanks for replies. Have approved alteration dns but makes no difference. Have been on sky analytic armpit and it says aggregate ok. Will log with Sky if it continues gut feel is they are accomplishing article with the band as has consistently been ok in the past. When I aftermost logged an affair with them spent ages accomplishing things at my end that fabricated no aberration alone to be told a few canicule after there was an affair at the exchange!
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